Scriptorium Pens on Flickr – Original Flickr Photo Gallery, larger versions of images on this site, as well as more images


Scriptorium Pens on Instagram – Lots of behind the scenes photos and shots of work in progress


Scriptorium Pens on Twitter – Tweets!


Scriptorium Pens on Facebook

CUSTOM NIB WORK & TUNING – home of nibmeister Marc Bacas, located in Cumming, Georgia, USA


Fountain Pen Network – online forum for all things related to fountain pens, inks, & paper

Fountain Pen Network Facebook Group – FPN’s Facebook version

RETAIL INK – Fill up that new custom Scriptorium pen with some beautiful ink!

Vanness Pen Shop – retail pen and ink store with inks from around the world, including Akkerman, Kobe, Callifolio, Robert Oster, KWZI, and more. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi: Was looking at your site. I am intrigued by the alabaster, and jade material. Do you have photos of these? Thank you.

    • Hi, Robert,
      I’ve been looking recently for more of the Alabaster material. It seems to be unavailable right now. I have only enough left for one pen, unless a new source comes up. As for the Jade, I no longer work with that material, as it is a polyester resin and is very fragile and cracks easily.

      • Bummer. Hope that you can obtain some alabaster material. That makes a neat pen. My wife and I were admiring the zephyr in the fire lava explosion. That makes a striking pen. Thank you.

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