Nibs – Draft 2023

I use high quality #6 JoWo nibs, #8 Bock nibs, & #8 Steel Magna Carta nibs. Standard pricing includes your choice of a #6 Steel Nib in gold or polished steel. 14k & 18k nibs are also available. All nibs are smoothed and tuned for medium wet ink flow and a wonderful writing experience by Nibmeister Mark Bacas of Nibgrinder. 

Don’t need a nib? Just let me know, & you’ll receive a discount.

Nib Types & Materials:

#6 JoWoSteel
#8 Magna CartaSteel
#8 BockTitanium

Nib Tip Sizes:

NibTip Sizeoptions
#6 JoWoEFSteel, 18k
 FSteel, 14k, 18k
 MSteel, 14k, 18k
 BSteel, 14k, 18k
 1.1 stubSteel, 14k, 18k
 1.5 stubSteel only
#8 Bock & Magna CartaEFBock only
 FBock, Magna Carta
 MBock, Magna Carta
 BBock, Magna Carta

Fancy Nibs and Feeds:

There are all kinds of new-fangled, fancy nibs and custom grinds available, as well as custom ebonite feeds and housings. That is beyond the scope of my work, but if you are interested, I suggest you contact Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder, for info on such enhancements. Also, Joey Grasty at Flexible Nib Factory offers a huge variety of ebonite feeds and housings.