Troubadour in Blueberry Muffin alumilite

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Troubadour in Blueberry Muffin alumilite (Muttblanks Lava Lamp #53)

Medium Fountain Pen
Nib: JoWo (Meisternib) #6
Filling system: Cartridge/Converter/Eyedropper

Length capped: 151mm/5.9”
Length uncapped: 133mm/5.2”
Length posted: 171mm/6.7”
Cap length: 68mm/2.67”
Cap diameter: 16.03mm/.63”
Barrel diameter: 13.7mm/.54” at threads, 14.19mm/.55” at widest
Section diameter: 12.57mm/.49” at widest, 11.6mm/.45” at narrowest

4 thoughts on “Troubadour in Blueberry Muffin alumilite

    • Hi, Rodrigo,

      I ship worldwide via USPS. I usually ship via insured 1st class, which is $19. USPS Priority Mail (6 – 10 days) looks like it would be around $42. USPS Priority Express Mail looks like it would be about $57. The best I can determine from the FedEx site is that it would be well over $100.

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