Pricing – Draft 2023

Repeat Customers get $5 off every pen they order as of 2/24/23!

Base Pen Prices with #6 JoWo Steel Nib:

MOdelsbase starting price
Other models, except the Idyll & Zephyr$235
Idyll & Zephyr$250

Upgrades and Additions:

UpgradesAddition to Base Price
JoWo #6 Steel Flex nib$5
14k & 18k #6 Gold JoWo nibs$150
Two Material Pens$25
Pens with #8 Magna Carta Steel nibs $95
Pens with #8 Bock Titanium nibs $190
Pens with #8 Bock 14k & 18k Gold nibs$290
Wood Pens$100
Upgraded Material ChargesSome special materials, such as ebonite, cebloplast, some lucites, exotic or high grade wood, rare materials, or custom made blanks may add to the cost of the pen.
Transparent/Clear MaterialsSome transparent & clear materials may need internal polishing:  $50 added to base price.
Extra #6 JoWo NibsSteel Nibs: $35
Flex Steel: $40
14k or 18k: $150
Extra #8 Magna Carta NibsSteel: $80
Extra #8 Bock NibsTitanium: $175
14k or18k: $275
Extra Grips/SectionsFor a #6 JoWo Nib:$50
For #8 Bock or Magna Carta Nib: $65
Extra Cap$95
Extra Barrel$95
ClipsExclamation: Included
Virage: Included
Chisel, Classic, New Heritage, Nouveau, Curvy Nouveau, Slim or Wide Modern, Spoon, Minimalist: $40
Excalibur (Sword): $45
Dragonfly Wraparound: $72
Hammered Texture Wraparound: $72
Roll StopsOpen Book: $45
Koi Fish: $47
Kingfisher: $44
Open Bible: $45
Shield Logo, Large: $20
Shield Logo, Small: $15
Iota: $15
Finial AccentsLogo Finial Medallion: $25
Contrasting Material Inlay: $20
Gemstone Cabochons: Prices will vary.
Accent Bands/RingsBrass, Bronze, Copper, or Aluminum: $35
Silver: $40
Hammered Texture in Silver, Brass, or Bronze, starting at 9mm tall: $40
Ink WindowAny Color: $65