Terms & Policies



All custom design orders require a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time the order is placed, with the remaining balance due before work begins on your pen.

Purchase of a Stock (Inventory) Pen requires payment in full before your order will be shipped.

Order Fulfillment

At the time of order placement, estimated manufacture times will be given. Please be advised these are estimations only.  Your order may be delivered earlier than estimated. Likewise, it may take longer to reach your booked slot within the Scriptorium Pens manufacturing schedules, awarded at the time of order placement.  Expected delivery timescales are based upon current workload.  These are subject to change. Personal illness, family emergencies, supply delays, and even power outages can all affect estimated manufacture date. I will always advise of expected manufacture dates just prior to commencement.

Delivery, once posted, is in the hands of the Postal Services and Customs etc., appropriate to the destination.  I advise of posting, sending the tracking information appropriate to the posted parcel, to my customers.  I have no control over the time a parcel takes to reach the customer.


Parcels are shipped fully insured to protect both client and Scriptorium Pens. Claims for loss or damage in transit must be reported immediately in order to initiate proper insurance claims procedures.  I package finished pens so securely that damage has never been an issue.

Scriptorium Pens has no responsibility for Customs, Tax Duties, or Inspection issues regarding International orders.


I have kept the details of warranty below as concise as possible.  You have my assurance that any claim will be dealt with in a prompt and professional manner.


Your new commissioned and bespoke Scriptorium Fountain Pen will be made in accordance with the details you submit via the order form or exchange of email regarding the finished pen. You are urged to check these details thoroughly prior to commencement of production.  Alterations to your order after notification of your pen being crafted will incur additional costs.

Every finished pen passes through a series of inspection and quality reviews prior to dispatch to assure the pen is made and presented to the highest standards possible.

All custom order pen sales are final. No exceptions. Photos are sent for approval prior to shipping, clearly showing all aspects of the pen. Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival.

Your order is warranted for 7 days from date of delivery, verified by USPS tracking, for defects in materials and/or workmanship.  If defects are found that were not caused by damage during shipping, you may return the pen for review and assessment. I reserve the right to make professional judgement regarding the condition of returned items.  For example, signs of misuse, neglect, or damage will incur costs to repair or replace affected parts of the pen. Scriptorium Pens will repair or replace the defective part as necessary, and return your pen to you. Buyer must pay all shipping and insurance charges. If an error is clearly due to a rare failure within Scriptorium Pens, postage costs will be refunded.

If at any other time over the life of the pen an issue arises that is not due to normal wear and tear, Scriptorium Pens will do all that is possible to repair or replace the part in question. There may be a fee for such repairs or replacement parts.


Every nib is tuned and adjusted for smoothness and proper ink flow by nibmeister Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder If you wish for custom nib work or a special nib grind, you would arrange for that work and payment to him directly. If, within the 7-day warranty period, your nib does not perform, do not attempt to work on the nib yourself. Contact me for nib work or a nib swap of the same type and size of nib. You cannot swap, for example, a Broad nib for a Medium nib. If the nib has been damaged, you will need to purchase a new nib. Buyer must pay all shipping and insurance charges.

Post delivery, any alterations or customizations to the nib unit supplied in the pen voids warranty for that part, and any related parts of the fountain pen, affected by user customization.  The same applies to any other part of the pen altered, post delivery.  I take no responsibility as to the condition of nibs supplied to me, by the customer, for use in a pen crafted at Scriptorium Pens.  Supplied nibs will be stored securely, in original packaging, away from the production area.  Such nibs will not be altered in any way, other than insuring they fit the crafted fountain pen, prior to dispatch.


♦ Terms and conditions (The Warranty) may change or be revised, as necessary, during the period of order and delivery completion.  Orders placed will in no way suffer any lesser degree of protection by any changes made.



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