Nibs & Sections

Engraved Nib


I use high quality JoWo nibs, made in Germany. Standard pricing includes your choice of a Steel Nib in gold, polished steel, or black oxide colors. 18k nibs are also available. All nibs are smoothed and tuned for medium wet ink flow and a wonderful writing experience by Nibmeister Mark Bacas of Nibgrinder. 

See the chart below for all available nib options.




18k Gold (Two-tone & Rhodium Silver)










Steel (Two-Tone, Polished Steel, & Black Oxide)

Included in the base pen price. $25 for extra nibs.







Section Grip Shape: I can customize the shape of your pen’s grip (section) to your preference: curved, tapered with a lip, or straight. If not specified, I will use the standard grip for the model. *Please note that I cannot make hooded nib sections.

Here are some examples of my curved grips, which are basically just a gentle curve. I can make the curve deeper if you prefer:

Here are some examples of my grips that taper down to a lip. I can make the lip a soft lip or a more defined, sharp lip.

Section Grip Length: Most models have a standard length grip of 18mm or 23mm. In many cases the length can be extended. Note that on some models, extending the grip length will also require an extension of the cap length to accommodate the nib.

Extra Nibs – Extra nibs can be ordered in addition to the one that comes with your pen. Steel nibs are $25 each. 18k nibs are as priced above. All nibs simply screw in and can be swapped out easily.

Extra Sections – Extra sections to fit Scriptorium Pens (JoWo) nibs are available for $50. Some people like to have grip sections in a variety of colors to swap out when the mood strikes, or just to change the personality of the pen.

Steel Nib Colors Available:

Polished Steel & Two-Tone (Note: The Black Ruthenium color has been replaced with Black Oxide, seen below.)

Polished Steel & Two-Tone (Note: The Black Ruthenium color has been replaced with Black Oxide, seen below.)





Steel Nib in Black Oxide

Steel Nib in Black Oxide (This model is replacing the Black Ruthenium style.)



Steel Nib Sizes Available:

Steel Nib Sizes

L to R: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub, 1.5 Stub (click for larger image)








2 thoughts on “Nibs & Sections

  1. Hi,
    I plan to purchase the 14k Jowo size 6 EF flex nib with ebonite feed from fpnibs and then have it fixed to a Scriptorium pen of my choice (i’m eyeing 3 models to choose from). But before I proceed with the purchase, I need to know if you can customize your section to accommodate the fpnibs unit.

    Thanks you,

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