I keep a small supply of popular materials in stock, and I can quickly order anything I don’t have that you want. Take a look at the vendor sites below for all the options available to you. If you still can’t find what you want, but can give me a good description, chances are we can get some custom-made blanks done for you!

Note: I will order the materials for your pen. All you need to do is tell me what you want. I’ll take care of the rest!

Vintage Celluloid from my personal collection – I have a small collection of vintage celluloid stock dating back to the 1930’s. Very rare and beautiful!

McKenzie Penworks – Home of DiamondCast™ Blanks — patent pending blanks featuring real diamond

Muttblanks – home of the fabulous alumilite Lava Explosion, Lava Lamp, & Color Explosion blanks. I will not use their Mosaics and Mixed materials, as they are meant for kit pens. ***Note: The blanks found here are also sold by Exotic Blanks and Bear Tooth Woods, but they give them names instead of numbers. So, for example, Lava Lamp #75 from Muttblanks, Grape Mist Lava Lamp from Bear Tooth Woods, & Royal Society Lava Lamp from Exotic Blanks are all the same blank!

Exotic Blanks – They’ve got nearly anything you can think of!  Check out the Pen Blanks Category where you can sort them by type or color.

Bear Tooth Woods – a great mix of acrylic and alumilite choices

Woodturningz – Over 170 different kinds of exotic woods from around the world.

Griffin Exotic Wood – Top quality exotic woods

Nelson Wood  – This is one of the best places to see what different woods look like when turned and finished.

Richard Greenwald – unique acrylics

The Turner’s Workshop – Original Conway Stewart resins from the liquidation sale! If you don’t see the specific material you’re looking for on the site, ask me about it. They also have some nice acrylics.

Jonathon Brooks – Custom made alumilite blanks. If you’d like something special made for your pen, we can work with Jonathon, who makes some of the most beautiful and unique pen blanks anywhere. He doesn’t have a site specifically for his custom blanks, but you can see examples of his fabulous work on many of my pens here.

Japanese Ebonite – I can get the best Japanese ebonite, or hard rubber, in solid black as well as in multiple colors, including Ripple and Mottled styles. There is no extra charge for Japanese Ebonite.


Japanese Ebonite Ripple Colors

Japanese Ebonite Solid Colors

Japanese Ebonite Solid Colors

SEM Ebonite – German ebonite in a wide variety of colors, both marbled and mottled. (The solid colors have been known to fade over time, so I recommend only the marbled and mottled styles. All ebonite fades eventually, though.) This is a pdf of their 2019 colors.

Vermont Freehand – This is a pipe making site that offers some nice acrylic (lucite), as well as German ebonite from both SEM & New York Hamburg.

* Please Note:

Of all the details to consider in creating your custom pen, your choice of material is perhaps the most important in giving it your own special stamp, in making it uniquely yours! The colors, design patterns, and type of material should all be considered.

Alumilite, Cebloplast, and Ebonite, sometimes called Hard Rubber, all have a warm, organic feel which fountain pen aficionados love. Acrylic & Lucite are shiny, slick, and less warm on initial touch. Some materials, such as Ebonite, Lucite, & Acrylic, are tougher than others. They all come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Take some time to browse the vendor links above to see what’s available. I can’t possibly list all the vendors out there, so I’ve listed some of my top choices for high quality materials.

🙂 My preferred working materials are acrylic, alumilite, lucite, ebonite, cebloplast, celluloid, wood, & some metals. Please note that I do not work with Animal Horn or Bone, True Stone, Polyester Resins (such as Rhino Plastics and the Alternate Resin series), Invisavue, Carbon Fiber, and blanks that include organic materials such as acorns, pasta noodles, beans, pine cones, wood chips, and blanks made of other mixed materials. Blanks that come pre-drilled and with brass tubes are also not meant for kitless pens.



33 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Just curious–what’s the difference between an acrylic and rhino plastic(I noticed
    that you prefer not to work with rhino plastic at the moment) ?

    • Hi, John!
      Rhino Plastic is Polyester Resin, which can be temperamental to turn — for me, anyway. I’ve used it before, and can if someone really wants it, but the results could be hit or miss 🙂

  2. Heyhello, during the process o making pen blanks, is it possible to mix together two kinds of colour ways from the same material? For example a blue/purple Lava explosion + gold/white Lava explosion.

  3. I see, near the top of the home page a referene to a “water series” in different colors. Swirls in almost transparent material. Where on your materials page are these? Thanks. PslS, im loving the pen you made for me earlier this year!
    Skip williams, aka robert williams

  4. I read the materials you will not work with and I had an additional question. Do you work with bone or casein? Thank you!

  5. I’m thinking about having a pen made by you(The Epic is the one that I’m interested in),but I would like to have it made in the style of an Onoto Magna. I would also like it in a plunger filler(I have a plunger from a Sager pen that I can provide). The biggest problem I’m having is in the type of material for the pen–I would like to have it made in a vintage style of “hatched” or “can-
    dystripe” pattern on the material,but it seems that none of your suppliers carry that kind of pat-
    tern. Is that something that could be made? BTW,I understand that the wait time for your pens is now ~6 months,which isn’t a problem for me.

  6. Hi, John,
    There are a few “hatched” patterns out there in acrylic. I’ll send you some pics via email of the ones I know of. For the filling system, I currently only make cartridge/converter/eyedropper fillers.

  7. Hi, I’ve been looking at materials and found one I fell in love with on bear tooth woods, and it’s called “japanese paper pre-tubed pen blanks”
    is that something you’d be able to work with? please let me know! I’d love to buy either a idyll or zephyr in that style.
    If not, could it be possible to do one in faux urushi lacquer? Let me know, I’m desperate for one of your pens!!

    • Hi, Daina,

      I can’t use any pre-tubed pen blanks. They are meant for kit pen makers. I don’t know of any faux urushi lacquer available, but you can get real urushi lacquer applied after a pen is completed.

  8. Hi, I ordered a pen from you last year, Love It. I wonder if you have a Blue water Acrylic for a Balladeer. If so do you have a picture of the material to see.
    Thanks, Mike

  9. Hello, Renee. Do you happen to be able to work in Delrin? It is a rather durable acetal polymer, and while it lacks the glamour of ebonites, alumilites, and other such classic materials, its stiffness and strength are unmatched in that class. Additionally, its prices are quite low — one of the sites you recommend for materials offers blanks for under 2 USD.

    I’ve been greatly enjoying the pen you made for me last year (custom scrivener-based model), and am recently inspired with the unique design for another pen.
    –Henry Wilson

  10. Hi Renee, absolutely love the Scrivenor you made for me. I recently bought some Conway Stewart blanks from Vince at the Turners Workshop – would it be possible for me to send it to you to have a pen made? I bought it before seeing that you get materials from him! Plus what is your current wait time, please? Many thanks, Sue

  11. Hello! I’ve been thinking a lot about placing an order for a custom pen made out of the material “Impero Blue Erinoid”. I think I saw it was similar to acryllic, are they one and the same? How is the durability of the Blue Erinoid compared to acryllic? Sorry for the questions, there’s a lot to consider!

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