Tolkien selected as Name for Whatchamacallit

The Whatchamacallit now has an official name — the Tolkien.  I received lots of really great name suggestions for the new model, from social media and via email.  Several suggested Tolkien, and it wasn’t a very hard decision for me after I saw that.  Tolkien has been my favorite writer ever since I first read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in 1973. They were a formative part of my childhood, and it will be fun making Tolkien pens. 😊 

Check out the Pens for Sale page for Tolkiens that are available for sale now!

Whatchamacallit, Repeat Customer Discounts, and Pricing Changes

For sale is a Whatchamacallit! Here’s a new model with simpler lines, created at the request of a customer. It has a straight body, flush cap and barrel style, with flat ends. Prices will start at $185 for this model, which is significantly lower than my other offerings, because flat-tops require less work, and I want to give back that time-saving as a price reduction to my customers.

I’m calling it the Whatchamacallit for now.  If you have any nifty ideas for the model name, let me know! 

All Whatchamacallits will be on sale for $185 for the following two weeks (Friday, February 24 – Friday, March 10). After that, prices will start at $185 for regular acrylics and Nikko Ebonite. Alumilites and fancy acrylics will start at $195. 

Pricing Changes

In addition to this new model, some overall pricing changes have been made on pens and options.  The Idyll and Zephyr are now $250. All other fountain pen models remain $235.For more details, see the Pricing page:

Repeat Customer Discounts

I have a huge customer list going back to 2012.  As of today, any repeat customer who places a new order will receive $5 off each pen in their order.  As they say, repeat customers are the best!  Thank you all for helping me build this pen business. 

New #8 Size Steel Nibs and #6 Size Steel Flex Nibs

Here’s a quick post to let you know that you can get #8 Steel and #6 Flex nibs now. People have been asking for these forever, it seems, and Scriptorium Pens now offers these highly sought after nibs.

The #8 Large Steel nibs are made by Magna Carta and have an ebonite feed and housing.  They are available in Fine, Medium, & Broad, in Polished Steel and Gold Plated.

The #6 JoWo Polished Steel Flex are available in Extra Fine and Fine.

As with all other Scriptorium nibs, these are tuned and smoothed by the amazing Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder.

For more information on all available nib options, see the Nibs and Sections page.

Fountain Pen Day Sale Continues Through Sunday

Hi, folks! I just wanted to remind you that the Fountain Pen Day Sale continues through tomorrow, and includes all pens for sale, not just new orders! Check out the Pens for Sale page, where I’ve just posted photos of a beautiful Thuja Burl Wood Idyll for sale.

Also, you are welcome to use the FPD Sale opportunity to place an order simply to get in line, even if you haven’t decided exactly what you want to order!

Fountain Pen Day Discount: Today through Sunday!

Today, Friday, November 4, is the big day that fountain pen fans look forward to every year. For this 2022’s Annual Fountain Pen Day celebration, Scriptorium Pens is offering $15 off your entire fountain pen order, and $10 off every dip pen order. What’s more, this discount will apply for the whole weekend, not just Friday, so you have more time to look at all the options and choose something that is just right for you. Join in the savings with this international event, which occurs on the first Friday in November each year.

This discount will apply to all orders placed between 12:00am Friday, November 4 and 11:59pm Central Standard Time Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Take advantage of the FPD savings to create that custom pen you’ve always wanted!

Now Available: Special Edition Kelmscott in SEM Ponceau Ripple with Hammered Silver Clip & Band

This Special Edition features Classic Red Ripple Ebonite in SEM Ponceau and a beautiful Hammered Silver Texture for both Clip and Barrel Banding. Accompanying this Special Edition is a custom Rickshaw pen sleeve with a vintage pattern of willow tree leaves and branches.

12 of these originals have been made, & 3 have been sold via pre-order, so there are 9 of these beauties left. Once these 9 are gone, you can still order one in any size, to be placed in the regular work queue. Wider pen sizes will have wider barrel bands to look proportionate. This pen does post. Price is $385 + shipping with steel nib. Gold nibs are available to order.
Email me if you wish to order!

Introducing the Kelmscott with Two Special Editions

EDIT: The in stock Kelmscott Dragonfly Special Editions have all sold, but you can still order one in any size, to be placed in the regular work queue, which is currently around 8 to 9 months long.  


I’m excited to announce a new pen model, the Kelmscott, along with two very different Special Edition versions. These are the very first Scriptorium Pens Special Editions! The Kelmscott has clean lines featuring a straight cap and barrel with a taper to allow for posting, and has slightly curved finials. The name comes from The Kelmscott Press, created in 1891 by craftsman and designer William Morris, and devoted to bringing back the beautiful illuminated manuscript styles of the medieval period.

The first Special Edition is the Kelmscott Dragonfly, which features a fabulous custom dragonfly material meticulously designed & created by Bob Dupras, and a magnificent Silver Dragonfly wraparound clip crafted by Mike Redburn. Over 8 months were spent in the planning of both the material and clip. A special Rickshaw Bagworks pen sleeve, with a colorful scattering of dragonflies on the outside, comes with the pen.

All 11 Kelmscott Dragonflies have now been sold. Eleven of these Special Edition Dragonfly Kelmscotts are available now, in Small size, for $335 + shipping. This includes a Mark Bacas tuned steel nib. Gold nibs are available on request. Email me if you’d like to claim one now:  Once these are gone, you can still order one in any size, to be placed in the regular work queue, which is currently around 8 to 9 months long.  

Red Ripple Ebonite and Hammered Silver

The next Special Edition Kelmscott, available in early August, features Classic Red Ripple Ebonite in SEM Ponceau and a beautiful Hammered Silver Texture for both Clip and Barrel Banding. The clip resembles vintage accommodation clip styles, but is attached by a hidden clip ring. The hammered silver clip band winds all the way around the cap finial, and a wide, hammered silver band encircles the lower barrel.  Accompanying this Special Edition is a custom Rickshaw pen sleeve with a vintage pattern of willow tree leaves and branches designed by Wm. Morris, mentioned earlier.

12 of these Special Edition Kelmscotts in Red Ripple & Hammered Silver furnishings are available for pre-order, in Small size, for $385 + shipping.   Email me if you’d like to claim one of the 12 now:

As with the Dragonfly version, once these 12 are spoken for, you can still order one in any size, to be placed in the regular work queue. Wider pen sizes will have wider barrel bands to look proportionate.

Other Special Edition designs are already in the works, and I plan to keep this as a regular feature going forward. 😊

New Koi Fish Roll Stops

I’m happy to announce a new roll stop offering — a Koi Fish! I’ve always delighted in watching colorful Koi swimming around in their peaceful ponds. When a customer asked for a koi roll stop, I knew it was time to create one as a regular Scriptorium Pens offering. Hand cast in Silver, Bronze, Brass, or even Gold if you’d like, these koi feature graceful curves and finely detailed fish scales.

Koi Roll Stop in Silver on the cap of a Small Idyll in Dupras Ocean Cenote.
Koi Roll Stop in Brass

Each Koi is 26mm long and can be attached to any cap. The price is $40.

If you already have an order in the work queue and would like to swap a clip or other roll stop for this one, just let me know!