Whatchamacallit, Repeat Customer Discounts, and Pricing Changes

For sale is a Whatchamacallit! Here’s a new model with simpler lines, created at the request of a customer. It has a straight body, flush cap and barrel style, with flat ends. Prices will start at $185 for this model, which is significantly lower than my other offerings, because flat-tops require less work, and I want to give back that time-saving as a price reduction to my customers.

I’m calling it the Whatchamacallit for now.  If you have any nifty ideas for the model name, let me know!  renee@scriptoriumpens.com 

All Whatchamacallits will be on sale for $185 for the following two weeks (Friday, February 24 – Friday, March 10). After that, prices will start at $185 for regular acrylics and Nikko Ebonite. Alumilites and fancy acrylics will start at $195. 

Pricing Changes

In addition to this new model, some overall pricing changes have been made on pens and options.  The Idyll and Zephyr are now $250. All other fountain pen models remain $235.For more details, see the Pricing page: https://scriptoriumpens.com/ordering-a-pen/custom-order-price-list/

Repeat Customer Discounts

I have a huge customer list going back to 2012.  As of today, any repeat customer who places a new order will receive $5 off each pen in their order.  As they say, repeat customers are the best!  Thank you all for helping me build this pen business. 

Nibs and Clips and Woods, oh my!

Scriptorium Pens has had a busy, busy summer, not only making pens but also designing new clips and pen prototypes. As we head into the Fall season, I wanted to give you some news and updates on our expanded offerings.

Bock #8 Nibs are now available for Large and Oversized pens!

Bock #8 18k nib on a Large custom Sonneteer in Nikko Deep Green Ebonite

Bock #8 18k nib on a Large custom Sonneteer in Nikko Deep Green Ebonite

Those of you who have mourned the end of production of the large JoWo #8 nibs now have another option — Scriptorium Pens is offering Bock #8 Nibs in Titanium and 18k Gold for large and oversized pens. Previously, I had not offered these nibs because I was not satisfied with the fit of my hand-tapped sections for this popular brand. With no more JoWo #8s for my customers, I reached out to a friend with a wonderful CNC machine to make the sections to fit precisely.  Many customers have already asked for these nibs in their current orders. If you already have an order in my queue, you can change it to a Bock #8 nib if you wish. Just send me an email: renee@scriptoriumpens.com  As with all Scriptorium Pens nibs, these will be smoothed and tuned for a medium wet ink flow and a wonderful writing experience by nibmeister Mark Bacas, Nib Grinder.

In addition, after many customer requests, I am once again offering to make grip sections for customer provided Pelikan nibs. I make the section, you provide the nib. I am not a Pelikan distributor and can not purchase a nib for you.

Details on nib options and pricing can be found on the Nibs & Sections page and the Price List page.

New Clips and Roll Stop

Scriptorium Pens has added two new cast clips and a new roll stop. The new Curvy Nouveau is based on the very popular Nouveau clip, but with some nice curves to it, and without the logo. The Minimalist clip is a totally new design, with a clean, smooth surface and profile. Both clips feature a slight upturn at the end to make them slide into a pocket more smoothly. The Open Bible roll stop is based on the Open Book roll stop, but with a wooden cross and crown of thorns on the pages. See the Clips page and the Roll Stops page for more details.

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Open Bible Roll Stop with Wooden Cross & crown of Thorns

Open Bible Roll Stop with Wooden Cross & crown of Thorns

Minimalist Clip

Minimalist Clip

Slim Size Pens added to Lineup

After many requests for smaller pens, a Slim Size option has been added. These Slim pens are the smallest size possible to make and still hold a #6 nib and international converter. The base barrel size at the threads for these will be 11.8mm or .46” Also, a new model that will take full advantage of this Slim size is in the prototype stage. Here’s one of the prototypes:

Prototype Slim pen in NYH 8-Swirl Cumberland

Prototype Slim pen in NYH 8-Swirl Cumberland

Wood Pens

Amboyna Burl with sapwood, with Red Mallee Burl below.

Amboyna Burl with sapwood, with Red Mallee Burl below.

Did you know that Scriptorium Pens makes wood pens? We do! With an increasing number of orders for custom wood pens, a new Wood Pens category has been added to the Models menu. Current pen models can be made with wood, or you can create your own design.

Consider the natural beauty of wood for your next custom pen! See the Wood Pens page for details.

Custom in Heirloom Grade Amboyna Burl - Oversized

Custom in Heirloom Grade Amboyna Burl – Oversized








Introducing the Illuminaire

Gemstones! Who can resist them?! Ever since I was little, I’ve loved rocks and gems. The colors, shapes, and textures fascinate me. I have many fond memories of my mother piling a bunch of kids into the car and taking us to the annual MS Gem & Mineral Show, or for an outing to the Petrified Forest in Flora, MS, where we would pour over the myriad selections of polished and raw stones and select a precious few to purchase and take home as our prize for the day. I’ve spent many hours wading through creeks and picking up stones that intrigued me. To this day, I still collect them, using them as accents on bookshelves and window counters, and even in flower beds around the yard. So, it is only natural that I decided to find a way to fuse my love of rocks and stones with that of fountain pen design. The Illuminaire is the result.

Illuminaire in Ivory Lucite & American Mined™ Gold Canyon Turquoise™ Cabochons

Illuminaire in Ivory Lucite & American Mined™ Gold Canyon Turquoise™ Cabochons

Illuminaire in Wisteria Alumilite with Amethyst Cabochons

Illuminaire in Wisteria Alumilite with Amethyst Cabochons

The Illuminaire features a flush barrel pen design with slight tapers on each end. The cap and barrel finials are decorated with a round gemstone cabochon of 10mm for the cap and 8mm for the barrel. These gems “light up” the design in a way, or illuminate them, hence the name of Illuminaire.

Illuminaire in Solid Black Ebonite with Tiger's Eye Cabochons

Illuminaire in Solid Black Ebonite with Tiger’s Eye Cabochons

With literally hundreds of gemstones to choose from, the possibilities for a customer to mix and match stones with pen materials are endless. Birthstones, favorite colors, bright and attention getting or subdued and elegant. Another interesting aspect is that you can, by choice of material, increase or decrease the ‘presence’ of the stone cabochon. I anticipate customers having lots of fun with the myriad options here!   Check out the Illuminare page for details.

Six of these new models are available and ready for shipping on the Pens for Sale page.


Fountain Pen Day Sale!

A worldwide celebration, Fountain Pen Day occurs on the first Friday in November each year, and is a time for fans to share their enthusiasm for these unique writing instruments.

Celebrate Fountain Pen Day with Scriptorium Pens and save $15 off every fountain pen and $5 off every dip pen ordered. Sale time will last from 12:00am to 11:59pm Central Standard Time this Friday, November 3, 2017.

This is a great opportunity to create that custom pen you’ve always wanted, and to save some money while doing so! Email renee@scriptoriumpens.com or fill out an order form here.


A Balladeer and a Scribe Walk into a Room….

I get requests for all different sizes of pens, yet I continue to be amazed at the number of folk who ask for an oversized pen. Now, my pens tend to be on the large size, anyway, so a Scriptorium oversized pen is really big. Take the Scribe I recently made. The customer asked for it to be oversized and with no step from barrel to threads. That meant the pen would be a little smaller in diameter than the stepped version, but the barrel still ended up at around 16.3mm at the widest point. That’s bigger than a Montblanc 149!

Scribe in Ocean's Obsidian & Black Ebonite - Oversized

The material is a hand poured alumilite called Ocean’s Obsidian Lava Lamp #48, made by Eugene Soto of Muttblanks. His blanks are extremely popular with my customers. The customer chose Black Ebonite for the grip section, a wide Modern clip in silver, and a Black Oxide coated nib. All these colors combined make for an elegant, classy look.

Blue materials are always popular. Another blue pen made recently is this large Balladeer made with another hand poured alumilite dubbed “Faux Tibaldi” by its maker, Jonathon Brooks. This blank’s creation resulted from the scarcity of a gorgeous celluloid used by the Tibaldi pen company. The challenge was to make a blank that replicated the bright pop of blue in a network of grey and black like the original.

This Balladeer sports 4 Silver bands and a Wide Modern clip. The blank’s color mix caught the attention of customers, and now an Orange and a Purple version are in the making,

Yet another blue pen was made this week, a small Idyll in Arctic Fog Vaper Swirl. As a special commission for a little boy, the parents chose blue, his favorite color, and had a custom clip made that had an image of his favorite stuffed toy, a fluffy chicken. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it does look just like the little chick.

Idyll in Arctic Fog Vaper Swirl with custom clip - Small

The parents commissioned a 2nd pen, as well. This is a small Zephyr, a flush barrel, cigar shaped style. The material is Beach Walk Vaper Swirl, with the blanks carefully chosen to have the most blue possible.

Zephyr in Beach Walk Vaper Swirl - Small - Inkling Clip

It’s impossible to know exactly how a blank will look after it is turned down, but generally one can look at the raw, unturned blank and tell which colors will be predominant. Some customers, who know exactly what they want, ask to choose the blanks themselves. This is true for the commissioned pen below, a medium sized Zephyr in Fire Nebula Lava Explosion.

Zephyr in Fire Nebula Lava Explosion - Medium

The customer wanted blanks that had the golden caramel as the main color, with the blue and purple accents still apparent. I provided pictures of about 8 or 9 blanks, from which the customer made his selection. I’ve also had clients ask for this same blank, but with the purple as predominant. It’s all about customizing as much as possible at Scriptorium Pens.

The Zephyr below was originally intended to be in Orange Japanese Ebonite, but the day before I was scheduled to start work on the pen, the customer asked if he could possibly switch to Orange Ripple Ebonite. I was able to accommodate the request as I had just serendipitously received a shipment that included some Orange Ripple. As you can see below, the material boasts a gorgeous, dark ripple pattern with highlights of bright orange to spice it up. A silver Shield Logo roll stop completes the sleek look.

Zephyr in Orange Ripple Ebonite - Medium

The next few pens in the work queue will be very different from this recent batch, both in materials and styles. One of my favorite aspects of custom pen making is that every day is different, and no pen is exactly like another. There’s no time to get bored, nothing repetitive in the creation process. Every single day it’s exciting to open that shop door and get to work.

See you next time with some new pens!