Whatchamacallit, Repeat Customer Discounts, and Pricing Changes

For sale is a Whatchamacallit! Here’s a new model with simpler lines, created at the request of a customer. It has a straight body, flush cap and barrel style, with flat ends. Prices will start at $185 for this model, which is significantly lower than my other offerings, because flat-tops require less work, and I want to give back that time-saving as a price reduction to my customers.

I’m calling it the Whatchamacallit for now.  If you have any nifty ideas for the model name, let me know!  renee@scriptoriumpens.com 

All Whatchamacallits will be on sale for $185 for the following two weeks (Friday, February 24 – Friday, March 10). After that, prices will start at $185 for regular acrylics and Nikko Ebonite. Alumilites and fancy acrylics will start at $195. 

Pricing Changes

In addition to this new model, some overall pricing changes have been made on pens and options.  The Idyll and Zephyr are now $250. All other fountain pen models remain $235.For more details, see the Pricing page: https://scriptoriumpens.com/ordering-a-pen/custom-order-price-list/

Repeat Customer Discounts

I have a huge customer list going back to 2012.  As of today, any repeat customer who places a new order will receive $5 off each pen in their order.  As they say, repeat customers are the best!  Thank you all for helping me build this pen business.