Base pen prices start at $235

♦ Pens with #6 nibs & one color material, any size pen = $235 

  • Steel nib is included with this price.
  • 14k & 18k #6 Gold JoWo nibs =  $150 added to base price.
  • Two Color Pens = $25 added to the base price.

♦ Pens with #8 Bock Titanium nibs & one color material =  $475

♦ Pens with #8 Bock 18k Gold nibs & one color material  = $575

  • #8 Nibs are for Large and Oversized pens only!
  • Two Color Pens = $25 added to the base price.

♦ Wood Pens =  $100 added to the base prices above. 

Upgraded Material Charges: Some special materials, such as ebonite, cebloplast, some lucites, exotic or high grade wood, rare materials, or custom made blanks may add to the cost of the pen. 
Some transparent & clear materials may need internal polishing =  $50 added to base price.
Dip Pens Epic Model in most materials $55
Literati or Literati Academe in most materials $60
Cap for a Dip Pen $95
Extra Nibs All nib units screw in and out.
#6 JoWo Steel Nibs $35
#6 JoWo 14k or 18k Nib $150
#8 Bock Titanium Nib $175   *Large & Oversized Pens only!
 #8 Bock 18k Gold Nib  $275  *Large & Oversized Pens only!  
Sections Extra Section to fit a JoWo #6 Nib $50
Extra Section to fit a Bock #8 Nib $65
Clips Standard Clips –
Exclamation (24k Gold, Nickel Silver, Black Oxide) and 
Virage (Gold, Chrome, Black Titanium)
Chisel, Classic, New Heritage, Nouveau, Slim Modern, & Spoon (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $35
Excalibur (Sword) Clip (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $40

* Please note that gold prices for clips, roll stops, etc. are in line with the current price of gold.

Roll Stops Open Book (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $45
Koi Fish (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $47
Kingfisher (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $44
Open Bible with Cross & Crown of Thorns (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $40
Shield Logo, Large (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $20
Shield Logo, Small (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $15
Shield Logo, Small, in 18k Gold $65
Iota (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $15
Iota in 18k gold Price on Request
Logo Finial Medallion $25
Accent Bands/Rings
(per ring)
Copper, Brass, Aluminum, and Contrasting Pen Material Bands $35
Silver Bands (Bands taller than 3mm may have additional costs.) $40
Cabochons – for the Illuminaire & Scroll models Gemstone prices will vary.
Other Customizations Ink Window $65
Extra Cap $95
Extra Barrel $95