Price List

* Please note that gold prices for clips, roll stops, etc. are in line with the current price of gold.

Basic Fountain Pens

Basic Fountain Pen

Any pen model or size in one color only (includes a steel nib, standard clip, & ink converter)

Two Color Pen $25.00
Upgraded Material Charge

Some special materials, such as ebonite, cebloplast, some lucites, rare materials, or custom made blanks may add to the cost of the pen. (Varies)

Some transparent & clear materials may need internal polishing. $50

Dip Pens Epic Model in most materials $50.00
Literati or Literati Academe in most materials $55.00
Cap for a Dip Pen $95.00
Nibs Steel Nib Included
Extra Steel Nibs $25.00
14k or 18k Nib $135.00
Sending of Nib/Pen to your Nibmeister of choice – shipping fee $5.00
Sections Extra Section to fit a Scriptorium Pens (JoWo) Nib $50.00
Clips Standard Clips –
Exclamation (24k Gold, Nickel Silver, Black Oxide) and 
Virage (Gold, Chrome, Black Titanium)
Chisel, Classic, Heritage, Inkling, Nouveau, Slim Modern, & Spoon (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $30.00
Excalibur & Wide Modern Clips (Silver, Brass, or Bronze) $35.00
Roll Stops Open Book (Silver or Brass) $40.00
Shield Logo, Large (Silver or Brass) $20.00
Shield Logo, Small (Silver or Brass) $15.00
Shield Logo, Small, in 18k Gold $65.00
Iota (Silver or Brass) $15.00
Iota in 18k gold $65.00
Pen Rest One Slot Pen Rest in Matching Material $40.00
Accent Bands/Rings
(per ring)
Copper, Brass, Aluminum, and Contrasting Pen Material Bands $40.00
Silver Bands (Bands taller than 3mm may have additional costs.)

Lower Cap Bands 




Other Customizations Ink Window $65.00
Extra Cap $95.00
Extra Barrel $95.00