Grip Shapes

Grip Shape (also called the Section):

The standard grip shape on my pens is a gentle curve. I can customize the shape to your preference — extended length, a deeper curve, tapered with a lip, straight, etc.


Grip/Section Length: 

Most models have a standard length grip of 19mm. In many cases the length can be extended. Note that on some models, extending the grip length will also require an extension of the cap length to accommodate the nib.

Extra Nibs:

Extra nibs can be ordered in addition to the one that comes with your pen. Regular #6 Steel nibs are $35 each. All other nibs are as priced on the Price List page. All nib units simply screw in and can be swapped out easily.

Extra Sections:

Some people like to have grip sections in a variety of colors to swap out when the mood strikes, or just to change the personality of the pen. For pricing on extra sections, see the Price List page.