Pen Sizes

Most Scriptorium Pens are available in the following sizes, which are based on the outer diameter of the pen at the barrel threads:

  • Small — 12.8mm/.5″ at the barrel threads
  • Medium — 13.8mm/.54″ at the barrel threads
  • Large — 14.8mm/.58″ at the barrel threads
  • Oversize — 15.5mm/.60″ at the barrel threads

Flush Cap & Barrel Styles (Idyll, Zephyr, Scroll, Tolkien, Satire, & Illuminaire)
Barrel Diameters at Threads and at Step:

  •    Small = 12.8mm threads, 15.2mm main barrel.
  •    Medium = 13.8mm threads, 16.2mm main barrel
  •    Large = 14.8mm threads, 17.2mm main barrel
  •    Oversized = 15.5mm threads, 18.2mm main barrel

* These are general sizes only. The barrel of any particular pen model may be much wider than the diameter at the threads or gripping section, or may taper to a much smaller diameter. * Please note that some pen models may not be available in oversize versions, depending on each particular design and availability of material.

 Click Here for the Pen Dimensions Master Comparison Chart

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