Pen Sizes

Most Scriptorium Pens are available in the following sizes, which are based on the outer diameter of the pen at the barrel threads:

  • Small — 12.7mm/.5″ at the barrel threads
  • Medium — 13.8mm/.54″ at the barrel threads
  • Large — 14.8mm/.58″ at the barrel threads
  • Oversize — 15.3mm/.60″ at the barrel threads

* * * Click Here for the Pen Dimensions Master Comparison Chart
* Other popular brands are listed at the end for comparisons.

* These are general sizes only. The barrel of any particular pen model may be much wider than the diameter at the threads or gripping section, or may taper to a much smaller diameter. * Please note that some pen models may not be available in oversize versions, depending on each particular design and availability of material.

Here’s a photo comparing some Scriptorium Pens to other brands you may be familiar with:


Pen Size Comparisons – Click for Larger Image

Left to Right: Lamy Safari, Balladeer – Large, Balladeer – Medium, Chronicler – Medium, Muse – Medium, Scribe – Medium, Edison Huron, Pelikan M805, Visconti Van Gogh Maxi, Parker 51, Pelikan M215.

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