Roll Stops

Roll Stops – Scriptorium Pens Roll Stops are original designs custom made to fit the curve of a pen cap. They are hand cast using the lost wax method and are available in several models, including a Koi Fish, Open Book, Shield Logo, and the Iota button stop. Custom Roll Stops are also available. All styles come in your choice of Silver, Brass, or Bronze.  18k Gold or Rose Gold are also available as special orders.

Koi Fish $50, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze 

26mm long. This realistic Koi features graceful curves and finely detailed fish scales. The Silver Koi is pictured here on the cap of a Small Idyll in Dupras Ocean Cenote.

300 - Idyll in Dupras Ocean Cenote with Silver Koi Roll Stop - Small - 1 300 - Brass Koi Roll Stops - 1

Kingfisher $45, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze

Open Book — $45, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze

Size: 10mm x 11.8mm. The Open Book is detailed with raised page edges and includes the opening lines of Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shallot” — The print is so tiny you’ll need a magnifying glass to read it. Looked at from a few feet, it gives the impression of real text on the page.

400_roll_stops_nov_2015 - 3

Shield Logo, Large 
 $20, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze

Size: 7.2mm x 8.7mm. This features the Scriptorium Pens Logo of a Shield with a raised letter “S”

400_roll_stops_nov_2015 - 1


Shield Logo, Small— $15, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze, and $65 in 18k gold.

Size: 3.5mm. This is simply a smaller version of the large shield.

Iota —  $15, available in Silver, Brass, or Bronze. 14k or 18k price on request.

Size: 3.5mm. This is a simple, round button or disc with slightly curved edges for those who prefer the minimalist approach.

400_roll_stops_nov_2015 - 13