Now Available: Special Edition Kelmscott in SEM Ponceau Ripple with Hammered Silver Clip & Band

This Special Edition features Classic Red Ripple Ebonite in SEM Ponceau and a beautiful Hammered Silver Texture for both Clip and Barrel Banding. Accompanying this Special Edition is a custom Rickshaw pen sleeve with a vintage pattern of willow tree leaves and branches.

12 of these originals have been made, & 3 have been sold via pre-order, so there are 9 of these beauties left. Once these 9 are gone, you can still order one in any size, to be placed in the regular work queue. Wider pen sizes will have wider barrel bands to look proportionate. This pen does post. Price is $385 + shipping with steel nib. Gold nibs are available to order.
Email me if you wish to order!

New Koi Fish Roll Stops

I’m happy to announce a new roll stop offering — a Koi Fish! I’ve always delighted in watching colorful Koi swimming around in their peaceful ponds. When a customer asked for a koi roll stop, I knew it was time to create one as a regular Scriptorium Pens offering. Hand cast in Silver, Bronze, Brass, or even Gold if you’d like, these koi feature graceful curves and finely detailed fish scales.

Koi Roll Stop in Silver on the cap of a Small Idyll in Dupras Ocean Cenote.
Koi Roll Stop in Brass

Each Koi is 26mm long and can be attached to any cap. The price is $40.

If you already have an order in the work queue and would like to swap a clip or other roll stop for this one, just let me know!

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Fountain Pen Day with a $25 Discount this Friday — Extended through Sunday!

This Friday, November 5, is the big day that fountain pen fans look forward to every year. For this year’s 10th Annual Fountain Pen Day celebration, Scriptorium Pens is offering our biggest discount yet: $25 off your entire fountain pen order, and $10 off every dip pen order. What’s more, this discount will apply for the whole weekend, not just Friday, so you have more time to look at all the options and choose something that is just right for you. Join in the savings with this international event, which occurs on the first Friday in November each year.

This discount will apply to all orders placed between 12:00am Friday, November 5 and 11:59pm Central Standard Time Sunday, November 7, 2021.

This is a great opportunity to create that custom pen you’ve always wanted, and to save some money while doing so! Email or fill out an order form here.

Introducing the Satire®

Here’s a new pen model for 2021 that’s fun and funky — the Satire®. When closed, the cap looks longer than the barrel, but when uncapped, the pen is normal in length and has a very long, 28mm extended grip. This extra length on the grip keeps your fingers from touching the barrel threads.

The Satire® design grew out of a customer’s request for a model similar to the Aeterna®, but with a flush cap and barrel body.

It features a straight cap and barrel with slight tapers at either end. Both finials have a smooth, convex shape. The pen comes in the usual range of Scriptorium sizes, and can be customized like all other models.

Click here to visit the Satire® page and see some already made examples.

This Large Satire in the distinguished Legionnaire acrylic was the first Satire created.  The customer is calling it the JA 1214. 😁

Celebrate Fountain Pen Day with a Discount at Scriptorium Pens!

It’s almost time for this year’s Fountain Pen Day celebration, and for a discount that many customers look forward to. An international event, Fountain Pen Day occurs on the first Friday in November each year, and is a time for fans to share their enthusiasm for these unique writing instruments.

Celebrate 2020’s Fountain Pen Day with Scriptorium Pens and get a $15 Discount on your total fountain pen order and $5 off every dip pen ordered. This discount will apply to all orders placed between 12:00am and 11:59pm Central Standard Time this Friday, November 6, 2020.

This is a great opportunity to create that custom pen you’ve always wanted, and to save some money while doing so! Email or fill out an order form here.

New Nib Offerings

Ready for some fancy writing?

Secretary of De Flex Nib

Scriptorium Pens is delighted to offer some fun new nib styles for our customers.  First is the fabulous Secretary of De Flex Steel Nibs by Kirk Speer. Customers are always asking for flex nibs, and now they can get them!  These nibs have amazing flex, so much so that it’s hard to believe they are steel and not gold.

Next are the amazing Stacked Nib styles from Monty Winnfield. We offer the full range of their unique nibs.  These nibs take “stacked” to a whole new level.  Visit the Monty Winnfield website for more details.

The Cobra Nib – one of six different stacked nib styles from Monty Winnfield. All Monty Winnfield nibs will have the Scriptorium shield logo engraved on them.
Close-up of the Secretary of De Flex Nib from Kirk Speer. These will not have the Scriptorium shield logo on them due to the nature of the custom work done to the nib.

Any of these wonderful new nibs are available now for ordering. If you already have a pen on order and wish to add or change to one of these offerings, just send me an email:

Fraud Alert


It has come to my attention that a website which has no actual connection whatsoever to Scriptorium Pens, LLC,®  is falsely claiming to make and sell custom Scriptorium Pens®.  These individuals have also falsely claimed to make and sell other prominent custom pen makers’ products.

If you see or suspect a fraud website or scam, proceed with caution.

The only place to order a custom Scriptorium Pen® or a stock Scriptorium Pen® is directly through me (Scriptorium Pens, LLC®)  or through my established websites on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Giveaway! Free Fountain Pen and Custom Grind!

10,000 Followers on Instagram!

 Wow! Six years have passed since I started Scriptorium Pens and began posting on Instagram.  I’ve now reached 10,000 followers, a number which I never imagined I would ever achieve!

It is now time for me to thank you all! — my mentor, who made it all possible; my dear friend @garrett_jg for all his help, advice, and a strong shoulder to lean on; my materials suppliers who work so closely with me: @brooks_803, @bobdupras,, @nibgrinder, @beartoothwoods, Silver Pen Parts, and others, and of course, my customers world-wide & my followers here on Instagram who have made this business grow.

In thanks and appreciation, I am offering a Fountain Pen Giveaway with Free Worldwide Shipping. One lucky winner will receive a Free Base Model of any of my pens with a steel nib. The winner can customize it for free according to his/her wishes if it stays in the base model area. As I know that the winner might prefer more than a base model, upgrades to gold nibs, wood, cast clips, rollstops, etc. are possible, but require an upgrade fee – (See all the many customization options on my website at  Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder, has offered to do a Free Custom Grind for the winner! And Mike Redburn, Silver Pen Parts, has offered to do a Free Silver or Brass Clip or Rollstop for the winner.

World-wide free shipping is included.

To enter the give-away, head on over to this Giveaway Post on Instagram and follow the instructions.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Entries will be accepted from today, December 16, until 11AM CST on December 18.  Worldwide entries are accepted.

Giveaway winner will be randomly selected on December 19 and notified via Instagram Direct Message. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Scriptorium Pens tuned by Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder

I am super excited to announce that all Scriptorium Pens nibs will be tuned and adjusted for a smooth writing experience by Mark Bacas, Nibmeister at  I’ve known Mark for several years now, and it just seemed like a natural fit to ask him to partner with Scriptorium Pens.  These super smooth and medium wet nibs will be going into all pens currently in the work queue, as well as all future pens.  And the best part is that it won’t cost customers a penny.  This service is included in the base price of all pens!  After all, the most important part of a fountain pen is the nib’s performance.

As an added bonus of this partnership, Scriptorium Pens will be able to spend more time on pen production, which is a major goal this year. In addition, other plans are coming together to increase production and get pens into customers’ hands more quickly.

A big Thank You goes out to Mark for taking on this work! It’s going to be a great year for Scriptorium Pens.


Introducing the Scroll – A New Model

Introducing the Scroll

The Scroll - in a variety of materials

The Scroll – in a variety of materials

Long before I began the journey of making pens myself, I loved looking at all the different materials & colors available for pens. The pattern of the swirls, the variety of textures, the myriad combinations — all intrigued me. They still intrigue me. I love to get lost in the look of a pen. The materials chosen for one’s custom pen define its identity more than any other component, and so should share equal billing with the nib. With that in mind, I’ve added a new model that offers a broad canvas designed to allow the material to be the star.

Scroll In Ice Koi Alumilite - Medium

Scroll In Ice Koi Alumilite – Medium

The new Scroll is a flush barrel pen with a minimalist form, in a shape reminiscent of an ancient scroll. Clean and simple, it features a smooth barrel with slightly indented finials to add a bit of character to the otherwise straight cylinder. The Scroll can be enhanced with the usual furnishings, such as roll stops, clips, ink windows, & decorative bands, or it can be left in its minimalist form.  I’ve prepared a few Scrolls to be immediately available on the Pens for Sale page. Check them out!

Scroll in Mineral Sea Lava Explosion - Small

Scroll in Mineral Sea Lava Explosion – Small

Scroll in Ghost Koi Alumilite - Small

Scroll in Ghost Koi Alumilite – Small

Scroll in Water Lily Koi Alumilite & Blackberry Ebonite - Small

Scroll in Water Lily Koi Alumilite & Blackberry Ebonite – Small