Nibs and Clips and Woods, oh my!

Scriptorium Pens has had a busy, busy summer, not only making pens but also designing new clips and pen prototypes. As we head into the Fall season, I wanted to give you some news and updates on our expanded offerings.

Bock #8 Nibs are now available for Large and Oversized pens!

Bock #8 18k nib on a Large custom Sonneteer in Nikko Deep Green Ebonite

Bock #8 18k nib on a Large custom Sonneteer in Nikko Deep Green Ebonite

Those of you who have mourned the end of production of the large JoWo #8 nibs now have another option — Scriptorium Pens is offering Bock #8 Nibs in Titanium and 18k Gold for large and oversized pens. Previously, I had not offered these nibs because I was not satisfied with the fit of my hand-tapped sections for this popular brand. With no more JoWo #8s for my customers, I reached out to a friend with a wonderful CNC machine to make the sections to fit precisely.  Many customers have already asked for these nibs in their current orders. If you already have an order in my queue, you can change it to a Bock #8 nib if you wish. Just send me an email:  As with all Scriptorium Pens nibs, these will be smoothed and tuned for a medium wet ink flow and a wonderful writing experience by nibmeister Mark Bacas, Nib Grinder.

In addition, after many customer requests, I am once again offering to make grip sections for customer provided Pelikan nibs. I make the section, you provide the nib. I am not a Pelikan distributor and can not purchase a nib for you.

Details on nib options and pricing can be found on the Nibs & Sections page and the Price List page.

New Clips and Roll Stop

Scriptorium Pens has added two new cast clips and a new roll stop. The new Curvy Nouveau is based on the very popular Nouveau clip, but with some nice curves to it, and without the logo. The Minimalist clip is a totally new design, with a clean, smooth surface and profile. Both clips feature a slight upturn at the end to make them slide into a pocket more smoothly. The Open Bible roll stop is based on the Open Book roll stop, but with a wooden cross and crown of thorns on the pages. See the Clips page and the Roll Stops page for more details.

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Curvy Nouveau

Open Bible Roll Stop with Wooden Cross & crown of Thorns

Open Bible Roll Stop with Wooden Cross & crown of Thorns

Minimalist Clip

Minimalist Clip

Slim Size Pens added to Lineup

After many requests for smaller pens, a Slim Size option has been added. These Slim pens are the smallest size possible to make and still hold a #6 nib and international converter. The base barrel size at the threads for these will be 11.8mm or .46” Also, a new model that will take full advantage of this Slim size is in the prototype stage. Here’s one of the prototypes:

Prototype Slim pen in NYH 8-Swirl Cumberland

Prototype Slim pen in NYH 8-Swirl Cumberland

Wood Pens

Amboyna Burl with sapwood, with Red Mallee Burl below.

Amboyna Burl with sapwood, with Red Mallee Burl below.

Did you know that Scriptorium Pens makes wood pens? We do! With an increasing number of orders for custom wood pens, a new Wood Pens category has been added to the Models menu. Current pen models can be made with wood, or you can create your own design.

Consider the natural beauty of wood for your next custom pen! See the Wood Pens page for details.

Custom in Heirloom Grade Amboyna Burl - Oversized

Custom in Heirloom Grade Amboyna Burl – Oversized








Introducing the Novelist, in a New Intermediate Size



For those that like a larger #8 nib, but in a more manageable-sized fountain pen, I present — the Intermediate size, first used here in the new pen model called the Novelist. This pen was created at a customer’s request for a pen inspired by the MB Oscar Wilde, in a size that would suit the gorgeous vintage Brown Crush Parker celluloid, yet still be large enough to accommodate a #8 nib.

The Novelist has a sleek, streamlined profile with a straight barrel that tapers at the end and a cap with a slightly rounded, dome-shaped finial.  The grip section has a gentle curve.




Novelist in Vintage Parker Brown Crush Celluloid & Black Ebonite, with #8 18k nib

Dimensions for the Novelist are as follows:

Capped: 146mm

Uncapped: 136mm

Barrel Diameter: 14.5mm

Section: 24mm long, ~13mm diameter

Cap Diameter: 17.9mm

*Note: Dimensions are approximate, as all pens are handmade and no two will be exactly alike.




Topaz, Quartz Burgundy, and Azure – A Week of Jewel Tones

Fountain pen people are picky. We are! And when it comes to choosing colors and materials for a custom pen, we can let that trait have free reign. Some of my customers often know exactly what they want right away, while others need a bit of guidance through the bewildering array of choices. Narrowing down the selection can take a while. Sometimes two favorite materials call out for attention, and rather than selecting one over the other, a client will resolve the issue by getting a pen in each color. And some order multiple pens in both colors. Four of this week’s pens fit that category, with the jewel tones of Conway Stewart’s Azure and Quartz Burgundy acrylics.

Churchillized Epics, Medium, & Custom Designs, Small

These designs are what we penmakers call a homage, or a clone of another style, often of a pen that is no longer available, with some specific modifications asked for by the client. In this case, the original models were the Conway Stewart Churchill and Wellington, but without the characteristic bluges or curves that Conway Stewart pens often have. For the Wellington, removing the cap and barrel bulges leaves a very different pen, one that is more classic in style. The acrylics used are original CS materials, a high quality Italian resin, deep and rich in color.

Custom Design in Azure, Small

Custom Design in Azure – Small

Churchillized Epic in Quartz Burgundy - Medium

Churchillized Epic in Quartz Burgundy – Medium

Another pen made this week also boasts a deep, rich, jewel tone color, but the transparency and swirls in the Topaz Water acrylic provide an entirely different personality. The pen is a Literati Dip Pen, fitted with a JoWo fountain pen nib and feed. They can be pulled out and replaced with a standard dip pen ferrule for use with other dip nibs. One customer likes the JoWo nibs in a dip pen for ease of testing new inks, and for ease of cleaning. This dip pen is about 7″ in length. A matching pen rest was requested to go with it.

Straight Literati Dip Pen in Topaz Water Acrylic

Straight Literati Dip Pen in Topaz Water Acrylic

Several other pens and projects were begun this week, including a prototype, or two…or was it three? I’ve truly lost count of all the new ideas I’d like to make reality. Some will come to pass much more quickly than others. If only I could clone myself to get it all done faster!

Catching Up

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past year has been an incredibly busy one for Scriptorium Pens, so much so that I haven’t had time to update all the custom pen images on the web site. Today, however, that changed. I devoted the entire day to posting images of all the pens I’ve made since late September, so if you’ve been waiting to see your custom baby online, it should be there now. 🙂  As always, Flickr will continue to have the most complete set of pen images, and you can see process pics on Instagram & Twitter.

New Black Oxide Steel Nibs

Black Oxide Steel Nib

New Black Oxide Steel Nib

JoWo is making a beautiful new Black Oxide steel nib to replace the Black Ruthenium nibs. As you can see from the photo, it is much darker and more “stealthy” looking. These are already available for order. I only have a very few of the old Black Ruthenium nibs left.

Tibaldi Impero Celluloid Availability

All I have has already been claimed! 🙂 I’ve recently started working on pens in the queue using the highly coveted Tibaldi Impero Celluloid. As people see the images on Instagram, the queries for this beautiful material keep rolling in.  I truly wish I had more to spread the joy, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever get any more. Rest assured that I’ll post an announcement if such a treasure trove is found!

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful new year, full of fun pens and inks and lots of cool experiences to write about!

Logo Engraved Nibs


I’m delighted to announce that all Scriptorium Pens now come with our logo engraved nibs! Customers have been asking for this feature for a long time, and it’s finally available. Our logo  is comprised of a heraldic shield with a stylized “S” in the center. Scriptorium nibs will now be easily identifiable and no longer have that “unbranded” look.

These are still the same high-quality JoWo German nibs as always, but from now on they’ll take a detour to the engraver’s before arriving here, where each nib will be tested and tuned before going to its new home. The nibs are engraved in the USA by the talented Mike Redburn of Silver Pen Parts, who also casts our custom clips in sterling silver, brass, and bronze.

The Scriptorium Pens nib lineup includes:

  • #6 Steel Nibs in XF, F, M, B, 1.1, & 1.5
  • #6 18k Gold Nibs in XF, F, M, B, & 1.1
  • #8 18k Gold Nibs in F, M, & B

Check out the Nibs page for more details.