New Material for a New Year

I’ve long been an admirer of the fabulous pen blanks poured by artist Jonathon Brooks. He has a unique way of mixing colors for dramatic effect that really makes his work stand out. After commissioning him to create some special blanks for a customer in a hard to find coral color, I realized he was the one who could make some material I’ve been wanting for a long time. I asked him to create an alumilite blank that would look like a winter forest at nighttime, with the moonlight glinting off the snow and the silvery, ice-coated tree limbs. We ended up with two different variations, one light, one dark — both a silvery taupe with hints of ice blue and tawny gold shimmering in a pearlescent mist. The lighter version is called Moonlit Forest, and the darker is Midnight Forest. I immediately made a pair of Master Scriveners with them as soon as they arrived. Both went to family members as Christmas Holiday gifts. 🙂

Master Scrivener in Midnight Forest alumilite, Sterling Silver Cap Band

Master Scrivener in Midnight Forest alumilite with Sterling Silver Cap Band

Master Scrivener in Moonlit Forest alumilite

Master Scrivener in Moonlit Forest alumilite with Sterling Silver Cap Band

Email Snafus

I just discovered today that the “” email address doesn’t work properly. The explanation is too long to go into, but I’ve removed that address from all email links on the site and replaced it with the proper email address:

If you have previously sent email to the “info” address and got no reply, now you know why! I sincerely apologize for the confusion and miscommunication this has caused. It won’t happen again! If you have added Scriptorium Pens to your contact list, please check to make sure it has the correct email address.

Thank you all for your patience and hanging in there with me while I get this new website running properly!

Pen Dimensions Chart

I’ve finally gotten around to making a pdf chart with the dimensions of all the different models and sizes of Scriptorium Pens. It can be found here and on the Pen Sizes page. The sizes should be used as a general guide only. Since all Scriptorium pens are hand made, every pen will be a little bit different. The biggest difference in most sizes will be found in the diameter of the barrels and caps. Overall lengths won’t vary too much. Of course, any customizations may alter a particular pen’s dimensions, too.  At any rate, I hope this chart will prove to be useful to anyone trying to decide on what size pen they are looking for!

Cap Bands and another New Model: The Master Scrivener

As a follow-up to last week’s introduction of the new Scrivener, today I’m introducing the Scrivener’s dressier sibling, the Master Scrivener:

Master Scrivener in Elven Wood alumilite with Copper Clip and Cap Band

Master Scrivener in Elven Wood alumilite with Copper Clip and Cap Band

Inspired by vintage pen styles from the 1930′s, the Master Scrivener gives a nod especially to the Wahl Eversharp Doric with its elongated cap and tall, peaked finial. The gently curving spoon clip is available in a variety of finishes to help create a distinctive look for your custom pen, and the metal cap band lends added flair. The barrel’s subtle waistline provides a comfortable, well-balanced handhold and allows the cap to be posted deeply and securely. Like the other Scriptorium offerings, the Master Scrivener has a Cartridge/Converter/Eyedropper filling system.

Master Scrivener in Elven Wood alumilite with Copper Band and ClipAlso notice the new decorative cap band on the Master Scrivener. I’m excited to be able to offer cap bands and finial washers on my pens for the  first time. Bands are available in Sterling Silver, Copper, Jeweler’s Brass, and Aluminum, and in several thickness options as well.

New Model — The Scrivener

Scrivener in Black and Tan alumilite - 7

I’m excited to announce a new pen design called the Scrivener. Its shape is reminiscent of the vintage pens of the 1930’s like the Wahl Eversharp Doric and Equipoise. This design features a long, elegant cap with a tall finial, and a smooth barrel with gently curved waistline. The long cap posts deeply, and is comfortably balanced posted, even for those who normally prefer to write unposted, like me. 🙂

Scrivener in Abalone Lava Explosion_ - 1

The clip, a rolling “bowling ball” style, is available in 24k gold, nickel, or chrome. The section has a smooth transition to the barrel threads and body for a clean line and comfortable handhold. Here are a few more pics, or visit the Scrivener page to see them all. Look for more new designs coming soon, including models with bands!

Scrivener in Abalone Lava Explosion_ - 4

Scrivener in Black and Tan alumilite - 1

Scrivener in Abalone Lava Explosion_ - 8