Logo Engraved Nibs


I’m delighted to announce that all Scriptorium Pens now come with our logo engraved nibs! Customers have been asking for this feature for a long time, and it’s finally available. Our logo  is comprised of a heraldic shield with a stylized “S” in the center. Scriptorium nibs will now be easily identifiable and no longer have that “unbranded” look.

These are still the same high-quality JoWo German nibs as always, but from now on they’ll take a detour to the engraver’s before arriving here, where each nib will be tested and tuned before going to its new home. The nibs are engraved in the USA by the talented Mike Redburn of Silver Pen Parts, who also casts our custom clips in sterling silver, brass, and bronze.

The Scriptorium Pens nib lineup includes:

  • #6 Steel Nibs in XF, F, M, B, 1.1, & 1.5
  • #6 18k Gold Nibs in XF, F, M, B, & 1.1
  • #8 18k Gold Nibs in F, M, & B

Check out the Nibs page for more details.