New Model — The Troubadour


I’m excited to announce the Scriptorium’s newest addition to its model lineup — The Troubadour! I’ve always loved vintage pen designs, and many of my models display that influence.

The new Troubadour reflects the classic streamlined torpedo shape of the vintage Sheaffer Oversize Balance of the 1930′s. It features a smooth, straight barrel with an end taper leading to a slightly blunted point.  Exuberant and aerodynamic, the Troubadour is reminiscent of a bygone era in fountain pen history.

Troubadour in Springtime Forest alumilite

Troubadour in Springtime Forest alumilite (Click for more images)

The model pictured here is a Medium sized Troubadour, with a barrel diameter of .54″. It is 5.9″ capped, 5.15″ uncapped, and 6.65″ posted. It’s also available in Small, Large, and Oversized. I hope you like it!

More News

Scriptorium Pens has been busy behind the scenes with lots of design work and prototyping on new models, including desk pens and pens featuring a “no-roll” flat area. Also in the works — custom clips! I’m super excited about these, and will reveal more information later. 🙂  Other plans are in the works which will increase the quantity and quality of output, including upgrades to a better working space and the addition of a metal lathe and other equipment.  Scriptorium Pens is growing, and that means working inside the house is no longer practical. While it might be fun to look out the sliding glass door all day at the beautiful back yard, the new metal lathe will need a shop of its own. My family is assisting me in the renovation/remodeling of my father’s old workshop out back, and we hope to be able to move into it soon. 🙂  As you can see, SP is bustling with activity right now.  Thank you for helping to make it that way!

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