Introducing the Satire®

Here’s a new pen model for 2021 that’s fun and funky — the Satire®. When closed, the cap looks longer than the barrel, but when uncapped, the pen is normal in length and has a very long, 28mm extended grip. This extra length on the grip keeps your fingers from touching the barrel threads.

The Satire® design grew out of a customer’s request for a model similar to the Aeterna®, but with a flush cap and barrel body.

It features a straight cap and barrel with slight tapers at either end. Both finials have a smooth, convex shape. The pen comes in the usual range of Scriptorium sizes, and can be customized like all other models.

Click here to visit the Satire® page and see some already made examples.

This Large Satire in the distinguished Legionnaire acrylic was the first Satire created.  The customer is calling it the JA 1214. 😁