Big Sale — 10% off between Thursday, January 16 & Friday, January 31!

It’s time for a sale at the Scriptorium! From Thursday, January 16 through Friday, January 31, get 10% off the regular price on every order.  Take advantage of this offer to start the year with a new custom pen for yourself or someone special. Offer ends at midnight on January 31, 2014.

Email Snafus

I just discovered today that the “” email address doesn’t work properly. The explanation is too long to go into, but I’ve removed that address from all email links on the site and replaced it with the proper email address:

If you have previously sent email to the “info” address and got no reply, now you know why! I sincerely apologize for the confusion and miscommunication this has caused. It won’t happen again! If you have added Scriptorium Pens to your contact list, please check to make sure it has the correct email address.

Thank you all for your patience and hanging in there with me while I get this new website running properly!

Pendleton Brown to Carry Scriptorium Pens!

I am just as thrilled as can be to announce that nibmeister Pendleton Brown is now carrying some of my custom pens! Pendleton is famous for his custom-ground Elegant Butter-Line Stub~Italic nibs and other custom nib work. I have several vintage pens with his wonderful stubs and they are among my favorites. Now my own Scriptorium pens will have nibs just as superb to write with. Right now he is carrying the Balladeer and the Scribe, two of my most popular pens.

When Pendleton contacted me, I could barely believe it. It was at once exciting and humbling to think he had chosen my pens out of all the fabulous pen makers out there. His website’s subheading is “Fun Pens and Custom Nib Work,” and my pens are certainly colorful and fun. PB is a great guy to work with, and I look forward to this collaboration. Thanks for this amazing opportunity, Pendleton!

Visit Pendleton’s Pens  and pick out a pen for a custom nib grind!