Roll Stoppers

Dolphin Roll Stopper

Dolphin Roll Stopper

Roll Stoppers — Sterling Silver roll stoppers are a decorative and functional option for any pen model instead of a clip. Choose something fun or meaningful, or something that matches the theme of your pen! I keep a few stoppers on hand, but if you don’t see something you like, let me know what you are looking for and we can probably find it.


Elongated Celtic Knot, Celtic Triskelion, Kitty Cat, Feather, Unicorn, Dragonfly, Dolphin, Laughing Dolphin



How I make roll stoppers — I use sterling silver earrings for all my stoppers. The thin post on the back of an earring isn’t strong enough for the job, so I remove the thin post and solder on a much thicker copper post that will allow epoxy to firmly hold the stopper in place in a little hole drilled in the top of the pen cap. *Note: I can also make roll stoppers out of copper, bronze, or brass earrings, though there aren’t that many out there.

Cost —  $10 plus the cost of the earrings, which are usually between $12 & $25.

Silver Soldering Station

Silver Soldering Station

Mini Mill for drilling teeny little holes!

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