Unicorn Roll Stoppers? Dragonflies? Celtic Knotwork? You name it!

800_custom_ocean_obsidian_dolphin_roll-stopper2Roll Stoppers!  I’m proud to announce that Scriptorium Pens now offers Sterling Silver Roll Stoppers as another way to personalize your custom pen. Maybe you’ve always wanted a pen with a unicorn on it, or happen to love dragonflies, or would love to have a little kitty cat draped over the top of your pen. I can provide those or just about any design you can think of.

I’ve always wanted to offer roll stoppers, and when a recent customer asked for a dolphin roll stopper, it was time for me to learn how to make them. I love learning to do new things, and this was a totally new experience because I had to learn silver soldering with a butane torch. After lots of practice, I finally mastered it — and without burning the house down. 🙂 The technique involves desoldering the thin post on the back of an earring, then soldering on a much thicker copper post that will allow epoxy to firmly hold the stopper in place in a little hole drilled in the top of the pen cap.

Below are some of the stoppers I have on hand right now, and I can probably find anything else you may be looking for, whether it’s a winged Pegasus, a faerie, a motorcycle, a snake, an Autumn leaf, or whatever. Roll stoppers are a way to make your pen truly unique, truly yours. Check out the Roll Stoppers page for more info.

Roll Stoppers

Elongated Celtic Knot, Celtic Triskelion, Kitty Cat, Feather, Unicorn, Dragonfly, Dolphin, Laughing Dolphin

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