Dip Pens, Upgraded Shipping, and more

Dip Nib Holders

Epic Dip Nib Holders

Epic Dip Nib Holders in Blue Nebula & Ghost Koi alumilite

A popular new addition to the Scriptorium Pens model line-up includes three new styles of Dip Nib Holders for pointed pen dip nibs.  The Epic Dip Nib Holder was created at customer request for a holder that would be about the same length as a regular fountain pen. It measures about 12mm in diameter at the grip and averages around 120mm to 130mm in length. Shortly after the introduction of this holder, requests came in for longer holders in the style of the Literati and Literati Academe Desk Pens.

Literati Academe

Literati Academe in the Water Series of acrylics

As with my fountain pens, customizations can be added, including metal bands, caps, matching pen rests, etc. Epic holders start at $35, and the Literati and Literati Academe start at $45.

Upgraded Shipping

In order to get pens to customers more quickly, I’ve upgraded my default shipping from 1st Class to Priority, with the option of Priority Express for those who want their pens even faster. All packages will continue to be fully insured. For more details, see the Shipping page.

Current Wait Time

My work queue continues to grow. In an effort to keep customers informed, I’ve added a “Current Wait Time” notice in the top right corner of the home page. I’m doing my best to keep up, but health issues occasionally slow me down. If at any time you want to know where you stand in the queue, shoot me an email:  renee@scriptoriumpens.com

Polishing Silver, Brass, Bronze, & Copper Furnishings

sunshine_clothCustomers often ask how to keep their metal pen parts bright and shiny. I’ll now be including a Sunshine Polishing Cloth with all orders that include silver, brass, bronze, or copper furnishings. These soft cloths contain non-scratch, micro-abrasives that quickly restore luster to tarnished parts. Just a light touch is all that is needed.

New Clips

Several new custom clips are in the design phase right now, and I look forward to introducing them soon. 🙂


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