New Nib Offerings

Ready for some fancy writing?

Secretary of De Flex Nib

Scriptorium Pens is delighted to offer some fun new nib styles for our customers.  First is the fabulous Secretary of De Flex Steel Nibs by Kirk Speer. Customers are always asking for flex nibs, and now they can get them!  These nibs have amazing flex, so much so that it’s hard to believe they are steel and not gold.

Next are the amazing Stacked Nib styles from Monty Winnfield. We offer the full range of their unique nibs.  These nibs take “stacked” to a whole new level.  Visit the Monty Winnfield website for more details.

The Cobra Nib – one of six different stacked nib styles from Monty Winnfield. All Monty Winnfield nibs will have the Scriptorium shield logo engraved on them.
Close-up of the Secretary of De Flex Nib from Kirk Speer. These will not have the Scriptorium shield logo on them due to the nature of the custom work done to the nib.

Any of these wonderful new nibs are available now for ordering. If you already have a pen on order and wish to add or change to one of these offerings, just send me an email: