New #8 Size Steel Nibs and #6 Size Steel Flex Nibs

Here’s a quick post to let you know that you can get #8 Steel and #6 Flex nibs now. People have been asking for these forever, it seems, and Scriptorium Pens now offers these highly sought after nibs.

The #8 Large Steel nibs are made by Magna Carta and have an ebonite feed and housing.  They are available in Fine, Medium, & Broad, in Polished Steel and Gold Plated.

The #6 JoWo Polished Steel Flex are available in Extra Fine and Fine.

As with all other Scriptorium nibs, these are tuned and smoothed by the amazing Mark Bacas, Nibgrinder.

For more information on all available nib options, see the Nibs and Sections page.