Introducing the Aeterna

It’s time for a new pen model at Scriptorium Pens! Following several customer requests, the Aeterna was created. Inspired by the timeless style of the flat-top ebonite pens of the late 1800’s & early 1900’s, the Aeterna features sleek lines, a very slight curve behind the barrel threads, and an elongated 23mm section with a classic, lipped grip for writing comfort.

600_prototype_terracotta_iota - 4 600_prototype_terracotta_iota - 1









The Iota button roll stop was created specifically to go with the Aeterna to add to the elegant, minimal look. The Iota is the first Scriptorium roll stop to be offered in 18k gold, as well as Sterling Silver, Bronze, & Brass. As always, customers can choose other roll stops or clips to go with their custom pens.

600_prototype_terracotta_iota - 6






I love seeing the ideas customers come up with for new pens. Keep those ideas coming, and your idea might become a regular Scriptorium Pens model, too!




Catching Up

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past year has been an incredibly busy one for Scriptorium Pens, so much so that I haven’t had time to update all the custom pen images on the web site. Today, however, that changed. I devoted the entire day to posting images of all the pens I’ve made since late September, so if you’ve been waiting to see your custom baby online, it should be there now. 🙂  As always, Flickr will continue to have the most complete set of pen images, and you can see process pics on Instagram & Twitter.

New Black Oxide Steel Nibs

Black Oxide Steel Nib

New Black Oxide Steel Nib

JoWo is making a beautiful new Black Oxide steel nib to replace the Black Ruthenium nibs. As you can see from the photo, it is much darker and more “stealthy” looking. These are already available for order. I only have a very few of the old Black Ruthenium nibs left.

Tibaldi Impero Celluloid Availability

All I have has already been claimed! 🙂 I’ve recently started working on pens in the queue using the highly coveted Tibaldi Impero Celluloid. As people see the images on Instagram, the queries for this beautiful material keep rolling in.  I truly wish I had more to spread the joy, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever get any more. Rest assured that I’ll post an announcement if such a treasure trove is found!

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful new year, full of fun pens and inks and lots of cool experiences to write about!

New Slim Modern Clip Available

For a while now, customers have been asking for a “slim” version of the original Modern clip, which is a wide clip that’s really suited for very large pens. Now a Slim version is available, featuring the same clean, strong lines. Below are pictures of both clips side by side.

Modern Clip, Wide & Slim sizes

Modern Clip, Wide & Slim sizes

Modern Clip, Wide & Slim sizes, shown in Sterling Silver

Modern Clip, Wide & Slim sizes, shown in Sterling Silver

The Wide model is 6.6mm wide, while the new Slim model is around 5.2mm wide. Pricing on the Slim Modern clip will be $18 for bronze or brass, and $20 for silver. Like all my other custom clips, this original design is hand cast using the lost wax method by Mike Redburn of Silver Pen Parts.

Check out the Clips page to see all the Scriptorium Pens clip offerings.

Fountain Pen Day Special

Tomorrow, Friday, November 6, 2015, is Fountain Pen Day!

Celebrate with Scriptorium Pens and save $20 off every order placed between 12:00am & 11:59pm,CST, Friday, Nov. 6th, 2015.

Taking place on the first Friday in November each year, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated by enthusiasts worldwide as a time to embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens.

Customer Worksheet – A Tool to Help You Create Your Custom Pen

Customer Worksheet

Customer Worksheet

Scriptorium Pens has added a new tool to help customers design their perfect pen. I’ve created a Customer Worksheet that is very similar to my own order form that I keep for each customer, with the same basic information. This is a pdf document that you can print out and use to play around with various pen configurations and prices until you come up with your ideal combination. I think this will be a really helpful way to ease the process of deciding on all the various options offered by Scriptorium Pens. It contains all the information I need to put your new pen together.

I’ve also added a page of Configuration Examples with a breakdown of their pricing to help customers see how things add up. These examples are similar to those in the final confirmation email I will send to make sure the order is correct.

Finally, one more item I’ve added is Order Numbers! That’s right! With the orders continuing to come in, I’ve started assigning numbers to each order to help keep track of them.  From now on when you place an order, I will give you your order number.  For anyone already in my work queue, you can send me an email to find out what your number is and what order I am currently working on.

I want to make the ordering process as easy and as fun as possible for you. These new additions are steps in that direction. If you have any other suggestions, just let me know. I love hearing customer ideas! 🙂

Introducing the Inkling

Inkling Clip - Side View

Inkling Clip – Side View

Earlier this year a long-time customer asked me if I could create a pen styled after one of the Carter’s INX pens of the 20’s & 30’s. I was intrigued. I knew of the famous Carter’s inks, and even have a small collection of their vintage ink bottles and advertisements. I knew nothing about their pens, though. The customer provided some pictures to help me get as close as possible to the original style, but he wanted the new one in a much larger, modern size. I fell in love with the slim, elegant, streamlined design, and knew I had to get a custom clip made to finish off the look. Mike Redburn, of Silver Pen Parts, worked wonders with a new clip that is reminiscent of the original but stands on its own as a beautiful creation.

The customer carefully chose a material that would fit the vintage look, Pistachio, an acrylic from Conway Stewart, and asked for a black acrylic band between the two silver cap bands for contrast, along with a black section and finials to top it off. Before the pen was even finished, I had decided to make it a regular model in the Scriptorium lineup.

One the most enjoyable aspects of creating a new model is getting to name it. With the original being one of the Carter’s INX pens, I decided on the name of Inkling, as nod to Carter’s. The moniker also has the advantage of belonging to a famous literary group of Oxford writers of the 1930’s – 1940’s, including two of my all-time favorites, J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. All my pen models have literary names or associations, so the Inkling fits right in. Many people have asked for more info on all the different model names, and that will be the topic of another post, eventually. 🙂

Check out the page for the new Inkling here!



Logo Engraved Nibs


I’m delighted to announce that all Scriptorium Pens now come with our logo engraved nibs! Customers have been asking for this feature for a long time, and it’s finally available. Our logo  is comprised of a heraldic shield with a stylized “S” in the center. Scriptorium nibs will now be easily identifiable and no longer have that “unbranded” look.

These are still the same high-quality JoWo German nibs as always, but from now on they’ll take a detour to the engraver’s before arriving here, where each nib will be tested and tuned before going to its new home. The nibs are engraved in the USA by the talented Mike Redburn of Silver Pen Parts, who also casts our custom clips in sterling silver, brass, and bronze.

The Scriptorium Pens nib lineup includes:

  • #6 Steel Nibs in XF, F, M, B, 1.1, & 1.5
  • #6 18k Gold Nibs in XF, F, M, B, & 1.1
  • #8 18k Gold Nibs in F, M, & B

Check out the Nibs page for more details.


Nouveau Clips have arrived!

Nouveau Clip in Bronze

Nouveau Clip in Bronze

The Nouveau clip, featuring the Scriptorium Pens logo, has arrived! Hand cast using the lost wax method, and offered in Sterling Silver, Solid Brass, or Solid Bronze, the Nouveau adds an understated, elegant style to your choice of clips. This new design joins the Classic and Modern styles as an upgrade to the standard style.  Visit the Clips Page for details on all clip choices.

Nouveau Clip

Nouveau Clip in Sterling Silver, Brass, & Bronze

Nouveau Clip - Side View

Nouveau Clip – Side View

Introducing the Idyll

Idyll in Solid Navy Acrylic

Idyll in Solid Navy Acrylic

The Idyll is the latest model from Scriptorium Pens. After receiving many requests for pens with a flush cap and barrel body style, I decided  to add one officially to the line up. This one went through several prototypes to reach the final shape/profile. It features clean, minimalist lines in the Japanese style and looks great whether clipped, clipless, or with a roll stopper. Check out the Idyll page for more images!



Unicorn Roll Stoppers? Dragonflies? Celtic Knotwork? You name it!

800_custom_ocean_obsidian_dolphin_roll-stopper2Roll Stoppers!  I’m proud to announce that Scriptorium Pens now offers Sterling Silver Roll Stoppers as another way to personalize your custom pen. Maybe you’ve always wanted a pen with a unicorn on it, or happen to love dragonflies, or would love to have a little kitty cat draped over the top of your pen. I can provide those or just about any design you can think of.

I’ve always wanted to offer roll stoppers, and when a recent customer asked for a dolphin roll stopper, it was time for me to learn how to make them. I love learning to do new things, and this was a totally new experience because I had to learn silver soldering with a butane torch. After lots of practice, I finally mastered it — and without burning the house down. 🙂 The technique involves desoldering the thin post on the back of an earring, then soldering on a much thicker copper post that will allow epoxy to firmly hold the stopper in place in a little hole drilled in the top of the pen cap.

Below are some of the stoppers I have on hand right now, and I can probably find anything else you may be looking for, whether it’s a winged Pegasus, a faerie, a motorcycle, a snake, an Autumn leaf, or whatever. Roll stoppers are a way to make your pen truly unique, truly yours. Check out the Roll Stoppers page for more info.

Roll Stoppers

Elongated Celtic Knot, Celtic Triskelion, Kitty Cat, Feather, Unicorn, Dragonfly, Dolphin, Laughing Dolphin